Your Baby Always Looked Good In Blue

I am honored to be a part of the Simply By Ti Gifts Blog Tour with many other talented sewists. The theme of this blog tour was gift that can be made.


This was an unseasonably long winter, and perhaps this is one of many reasons why I am so fortunate to be invited to so many baby showers for late summer babies. heeheehee

One of my friends had a gender reveal last week, so I Knew that she was expecting a son, but this outfit is cute and chic enough for either sex, due largely in part to the awesome cotton lycra options that are available at I used cobalt and black solids to create the cutest little top and beanie to keep her 3 month old warm in the late fall of this year.

I Loved having a reason to sew up a beanie with little ears! I had forgotten just how tiny infant clothes were. It felt like I put my presser foot down, and made 2 stitches, and the seam was done. I can’t wait for pics this coming late-fall/early winter!

This adorable pattern came from Patterns for Pirates, and the amazing and great quality Cotton Lycra fabric came from Simply By Ti.

Now, I just have to figure out what I am making for the other 4 baby showers in the next couple of months. LOL

Any suggestions?


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My love for the penguin increases, an explanation…

I am a lover of penguins. They are adorable, yet majestic. And, like me, they waddle. A few weeks ago, my good friend caught her son using “penguin” as an expletive replacement a few times in a row before confronting him about the usage of this word for all curse words. It was a HILARIOUS true story to all of her friends (and to herself and her husband, if truth be told).
To quote some of his hysterical sayings, he uttered:
“What the penguin is going on here?” and “For penguin’s sake!” and “Mommy, can you help me fix this shirt? It’s all penguined up.”
He did this unrehearsed; he was not coached, and this word substitution/word play was not modeled. It was pure riotously funny perfection!
Since then, inspired by the 4-year-old genius, I have been saying OMP= Oh My Penguin!
I hope that you all enjoy the penguin out of my reviews and the blog in general!
Stay tuned! I plan on having a few giveaways (when life slows down, and I am well again…my flu turned into a sinus infection. Yay! Mer. Haha ACHOO)