My love for the penguin increases, an explanation…

I am a lover of penguins. They are adorable, yet majestic. And, like me, they waddle. A few weeks ago, my good friend caught her son using “penguin” as an expletive replacement a few times in a row before confronting him about the usage of this word for all curse words. It was a HILARIOUS true story to all of her friends (and to herself and her husband, if truth be told).
To quote some of his hysterical sayings, he uttered:
“What the penguin is going on here?” and “For penguin’s sake!” and “Mommy, can you help me fix this shirt? It’s all penguined up.”
He did this unrehearsed; he was not coached, and this word substitution/word play was not modeled. It was pure riotously funny perfection!
Since then, inspired by the 4-year-old genius, I have been saying OMP= Oh My Penguin!
I hope that you all enjoy the penguin out of my reviews and the blog in general!
Stay tuned! I plan on having a few giveaways (when life slows down, and I am well again…my flu turned into a sinus infection. Yay! Mer. Haha ACHOO)